About Us

Everything started when Stéphanie & David Fanchon decided to create fun games to help their daughter learn letters & words. The idea took shape when they took pictures of architectural elements and nature’s spontaneous shapes resembling letters of the alphabet. 

One letter led to another and soon they found that their daughter particularly liked the alphabet they had created.  At this point Stéphanie & David realised that they wanted to communicate this attractive way to create words to others and allow people to free their imagination.

To bring their concept to reality, design and marketing professionnals, together they created AlfagramTM. Since then, the creators are travelling worldwide to take unique photographs. AlfagramTM evergrowing alphabet is already counting over 1000 photographs of letters, numbers and symbols.

With the help of AlfagramTM’s own software you can now compose your own words using our unique alphabet and easily bring an attractive decor accent to your interior.

Exclusively designed and developped by AlfagramTM, our ultra bright Optical Perspex magnet-tech frames will surely enhance your choice of photographs and creations. Handcrafted in France, every AlfagramTM is a truly unique piece of art and comes with its own certificate of authenticity.

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